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Insurance & Risk Management

When hearing the word insurance, most people start thinking about their homeowners and car insurance. They also think of it as something that just "has" to be purchased. Often not a lot of thought goes into the process. Sure they shop around, but the decision on which policy to buy usually comes down to price.

When it comes to insurance as part of your financial plan, however, the product must fill some void in the realization of your overall goals. It is there to protect you and the people that you love from surprises that life may send your way. While price and benefits certainly factor in to the decision, insurance is ultimately a risk management tool. If it does not fill a void, then is it really necessary?

At McCann Wealth Strategies, we will not pressure you into buying a product. Our goal is to present the options that are available to you which may help mitigate risk on your road to a successful retirement.

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